We pride ourselves on our personal service and strive to make your training fun, rewarding and successful. We have a small team of personal trainers and do our very best to pair you with the trainer best suited to your needs. Hopefully you find that is reflected in our testimonials below, but if you would like to speak to a Fast Track Fitness client, then just e-mail us on and we will set it up.

Michael Snyder
I find that the virtual sessions are very effective at keeping me exercising and stretching me, literally and more generally, to keep fitter than I otherwise would be - it is amazing how many different 'exercises' George finds to do this and he imposes the right amount of 'pain' to ensure that my strength doesn't deteriorate too much with age, even in my 'more senior' years!
Claire Hartnell
I have been doing an online Pilates class with Fast Track for almost a year. The effects on my mental and physical well being have been phenomenal. You don`t need a lot of space or equipment and Tracy the instructor, explains the moves in such wonderful detail even if you haven`t done Pilates before you are in safe hands! I highly recommend trying this out - the classes provide a fabulous work out for your whole body and leave you ready to face our life challenges with renewed vigour! Claire Hartnell, C J Garden Services Ltd
Emily Lee
Great workout from Tom and his team. Knowledgeable trainers who provide a short workout that fits into a busy week. Has increased my fitness and improved muscle tone.
Billy Clegg
This is brilliant. Made me much stronger, sorted my bad back and I have got faster at running. Clever science delivered by delightful people. Thoroughly recommend it.
Tom Perkins
I decided to try Fast Track EMS as I had a herniated disc in my lower back and was due to have a Micro-Discectomy operation. I had a couple of sessions before the operation to try to improve my core strength and improve the speed of my recovery. I then had a number of sessions over the space of a couple of months after my operation to aid my recovery and help me to recover strength and mobility. The difference and benefits have been amazing. Recovery from the operation was a breeze, which I'm sure is largely down to the training from Tom and Rachel at Fast Track EMS. My strength and mobility is now massively improved! Tom and his team are great trainers that really listen, understand your situation and specific needs and adapt your training plan to suit you. Highly recommended.
Annabel Portsmouth
I like EMS because it really works, and my muscles are much stronger. It's enjoyable to do and, best of all, it's quick!
Brilliantly flexible approach as we work together to strengthen muscles to protect my injured hip. I’ve gained overall fitness too. All the trainers are friendly and helpful ensuring use the correct techniques for the exercises. Every workout is different which keeps my interest high.
Miriam Ferris
Not just for super-athletic types! If like me you: 1) sit down way too much, 2) dislike exercise, and 3) you’re not sure you actually sure you HAVE a core, please give EMS a try. It’s 20mins - you can do anything for 20mins - and you’ll feel the ‘benefit’ for days afterwards. I’ve discovered entire muscle groups I never knew I had. It works.
Accountancy Solutions
Very professional and friendly people with a variety of workouts and excellent attention to detail. Going to one EMS session weekly has inspired us to visit our gym more regularly and helped our general fitness hugely
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