EMS has so many benefits to making it a great fitness tool. But what is it, and why do you need to
include an EMS device it into your routine? We will be looking at how EMS can help you with your fitness journey,
and what you have been missing out on!

Full body benefits

EMS’ full body approach to training has become so effective working 80% of your muscles at the
same time. This means despite the exercise or position; the majority of your muscles are being
stimulated through the machine. Not only will this target strong, developed muscle groups but also
gets weaker, neglected muscles firing.

Helps relieve pain

Because of the electrodes that fire from the machine which are focused and placed on muscle tissue
they target and stimulate weak muscles and help to relax tight muscles to prevent to prevent pain.
This can enable you to improve posture and correct any muscle imbalances in your body which may
be causing lower back pain or tension in the neck and shoulders.


The variety an EMS session brings can offer a different stimulus to your muscles. This is key for
progression and adaption. It will bring a different level of intensity to your workout plan and once
you give it a try you will understand what that means!


Just 20 minutes can have the same effect on your muscles as a 90-minute gym workout. The
machine can determine how hard your muscles work through a session along with the exercises
used depending on your goals and ability.

Resistance training is vital

It Is so important for people of all ages to engage in some form of resistance training, this is where an EMS device can come in. EMS is a great alternative for those who do not enjoy gym environments, workout classes or find themselves short of time. EMS is a safe 1-1 personal training sessions where you will challenge your body under
tension and be corrected on technique which is great for anyone with less experience.

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