STOTT Pilates is a contemporary anatomically based approach to the original Pilates method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. STOTT Pilates follows the methods under the program of Merrithew Health and Fitness. Pilates incorporates modern exercise principles and applies proven practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance. Merrithew recognises the benefits of Pilates original method and collaborated with a team of physical therapists / physiotherapists, sports medicine and exercise professionals to create STOTT Pilates.

Respected by fitness and health professionals across the world, STOTT Pilates aims to provide optimal muscular skeletal performance, strength, flexibility and endurance without risking injury. This Pilates method promotes a tension free body that moves without stress or tension. This enhances the natural curves of the spine and promotes a self confident body.

Furthermore, the STOTT Pilates method incorporates 5 basic principles which form the foundation for all movement. These include: breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and stabilisation and head and clerical placement.

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