The definition of health reads; health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing in which disease and infirmity are absent. This is so important for realising what it means to be healthy, and the factors than can contribute to the big picture.

For many people this state has been especially hard to maintain and it can feel tough to balance all aspects. Through our training we try to achieve overall health and fitness by looking at all the factors that play a part from exercise and nutrition to sleep and social life.

Exercise carries so many benefits that help contribute to the concept of being fit and healthy. Below we look at some of these benefits, and what they can do to our body both physically and mentally.

Physical benefits

Exercise can help towards improving are overall fitness, strength and mobility making every day jobs so much easier! This is so important in allowing are bodies to do more, increasing our energy levels and making us more productive as a result.

Regular exercise will increase muscular endurance, muscular strength, bone density, reduce our resting heart rate and increase the efficiency of our heart. Exercise combined with good nutrition will allow us to maintain a healthy weight putting far less stress of on joints and are cardiovascular system.

Mental benefits

Staying active is vital for mental wellbeing as prolonged periods of inactivity will have a large impact on mental health conditions such as anxiety and even depression.

Exercise can help to release endorphins and other hormones in the body to relieve symptoms of stress and leave us feeling more positive and relaxed.


Exerting your body throughout the day will fatigue the body putting your muscles in a more relaxed state towards the end of the day. Increasing your body temperature during exercise is thought to lower body temperature at rest therefore improving the quality of your sleep.


Lack of physical activity is a common cause of a variety of health conditions and diseases. Exercise has been shown to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and body fat. These factors cause an increased risk of diabetes and heart conditions.

Social interaction

Meeting up face to face is can make a big difference to your health without even realising! Your mindset can completely change in the presence of other people whether you are just meeting a friend for a walk or joining a class for a workout.

This has been complicated in the past year without numerous restrictions however, as we head towards the summer this could be a huge factor for health and something we have all missed.

Structure to our day

If your days start to merge together and bad habits creep in to your routine, try mixing it up to give yourself a new stimulus each day.

Exercise can provide fantastic structure to your week giving you a new focus each day. This should be thought of as another habit in which you do daily like brushing your teeth!

Think about making goals to give you a new focus outside of work and a variety of activities to enjoy. E.g.

Monday = Walk for 30 minutes

Tuesday = 20 minutes high intensity workout

Wednesday = 30 minutes playing sport

Thursday = walk, run or cycle (set a distance goal)

Friday = rest day

Saturday = Strength session, light weights or calisthenics

Sunday = Long walk

What do we offer?

Personal training outside or online – We are able to provide 45-minute, outdoor sessions as well as online to bring you personal fitness sessions to meet your specific needs taking you through a wide range of exercises with little equipment. We are able to meet you in an outdoor space that suits you or choose a time online that works around your busy schedules!

Don’t have time? We also offer 20-minute online HIIT sessions to get the blood pumping and leave you ready tackle the rest of your day.

EMS Fitness Training – EMS training is incredibly effective at building strength (particularly in weak or injured areas), toning, boosting fitness and assisting with weight loss. 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 90 mins in the gym, so it is ideal for those who are time poor or don’t enjoy the gym environment.

Pilates Training – Private or group palates sessions online with a diverse set of exercises to challenge all ages and abilities. Our Pilates instructors teach Stott Pilates with a modern approach to exercise and rehabilitation.

Nutrition Advice: We are offering nutritional guidance to educate and make you accountable for your daily intake. This will include in depth discussions on your eating habits lifestyle factors and regular check ins to help you achieve your goals.

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