Where did EMS training come from?

Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for decades. It was introduced in the 70’s for sports training and became a legal training method for the 1972 Olympics. Since then, EMS training has become far more popular and seen growth since 2003 as a use for strengthening and toning. Its use as a rehabilitation tool has also gained popularity helping people to recover from back pain and knee, hip and shoulder injuries. This is because EMS focuses on building strength and increasing blood flow to the muscles without additional load on the joints, making it effective for anyone looking to speed up recovery from an operation or long-term injury.

EMS training uses a medically approved device that sends an electric current through to your major muscles. This controlled current forces your muscles to contract without any pain or discomfort.

This current passes through a specially designed outfit which covers different muscles throughout the body. 90% of muscles are activated with each contraction. Each muscle group can be controlled through the EMS device allowing you to effectively adjust the strength of each contraction for both weak and strong muscle groups.

20 minutes of EMS training can achieve the same results as 90 minutes in the gym.

This makes training:

  • Very effective method of achieving strength and fitness
  • Time efficient as session are just 20 minutes long
  • Safe for injury rehabilitation and recovery

EMS can be used for:

  • Fit & healthy individuals looking to increase strength
  • Training for an event
  • People who don’t like the gym
  • Recovery from injury or operation
  • Amputees
  • Back pain
  • Over 65’s

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