Pilates may be better known for toning abs and creating strong, lean muscles and even improving sports performance but few know the benefits of Pilates on injury recovery.

Its benefits for injury recovery are perhaps unsurprising given its origins. Joseph Pilates created the method while captive in a WW1 internment camp to help sick inmates return to health.

Why is Pilates so good for injury recovery?

Pilates considers your whole body.  This works well for injury rehab, particularly in private pilates classes where the instructor can focus on the areas you need to strengthen and that you are engaging the muscles you need to correctly and safely. The movements in Pilates are gentle but really effective and targeted, which makes it suitable for all, no matter how advanced your injury or your ability.

How does it work on injury recovery?

Fixes muscular imbalances

Pilates addresses muscular imbalances.  An instructor watching you move will identify imbalances in your body. You’ll then be given exercises to correct discrepancies in strength. This will help with not only your current injury but can help strengthen your body for the future.

Improves posture

When practicing Pilates you learn the best principles of body alignment and this drastically improves posture. While improving may not be on the top list of your goals, correcting bad posture can help:

  • pain relief though-out your body
  • allows your body to move more efficiently
  • improves muscle function
  • increases a range of motion
  • improves circulation

Stabilises the body

Pilates can help restore normal muscle function. This is particularly important when it comes to activating the deep stabilisers after an injury.

These muscles perform an important job in the body: they keep joints in the most stable position. The deep stabilisers around your pelvis and spine, for example, are vital for supporting these structures and preventing injury to them. When they don’t work effectively, problems like lower back and groin pain can be the result.

Supports your mind

When you’re suffering from a bad back, working on your mind is probably the last thing on your to-do list. But it may be worth considering as studies have shown that psychological factors play an important role in injury recovery.

According to these studies, mental distress increases the time wounds take to heal. Other reports also reveal that stressing about your injury is likely to intensify the pain and delay recovery.

But Pilates can support this aspect of your rehabilitation by reducing your stress levels. How? Pilates is a mindful form of movement that encourages you to sync your breath with your movement. In practising it, you can soothe both body and mind.

By focusing on what your body is experiencing in that movement – something Pilates forces you to do – you’ll also gain body awareness. Concentrating in this way has a calming effect on your nervous system. But that’s not its only benefit. Through it, you will be able to identify when you are moving well and when you need to make corrections. Like when you find yourself hunched over your phone on the walk to work!

Connecting to your body through Pilates will reinforce the good habits you learn in the studio in your everyday life. This is important for injury rehab, and might help you avoid sustaining other injuries.

Fast Track Fitness Pilates Instructors

Why Pilates is effective for Injury Recovery

We have two incredibly knowledgeable and experienced pilates instructors on our team:

Rachel is Stott Pilates trained and has a fantastic, nurturing approach to her Pilates sessions. She takes our studio and private online Pilates classes.

Tracy has over 20 years’ experience of teaching Pilates and is also qualified in biokinetics. She has fantastic knowledge and energy. Tracy teaches our online group and private Pilates classes.

We are based in Twyford, Winchester. We also offer: Personal Training, EMS & Nutrition advice

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