Food Diaries can be an important tool when it comes to keeping track of your nutrition. Whether you are eating too many calories or too few, a record of exactly what you eat in a day/week/month can easily highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

How can food diaries help you?

If you have never recorded what you eat you may be surprised at the end of the day. When logging your content for the first time you can highlight some of the issues and find out where you might be struggling. Whether you are binging on the weekend, or drinking too much during the week; it is easy to find out where you might be going wrong.

One of the main issues surrounding diet is consistency. It can help to raise awareness to your habits, give you more accountability, and help keep you on track while still enjoying what you eat!

Ways to keep a food diary

There are many apps and online trackers to choose from that come pre-loaded with meals, recipes and branded ingredients. This makes it super easy to fill in what you during the day.

If technology is not your thing, you can fill in one of our templates or simply right down with pen and paper. We recommend you be as accurate as possible and don’t miss anything off.

What do I need to write down?

Everything! It is important to record how much food you eat, water intake, alcohol consumption, snacks, portion sizes and every time you finish off the kids’ meals. It is also recommended to track what times you are eating and how you felt after each meal.

This will give a trainer or therapist the exact information they need in order to identify the positives and negatives surrounding your nutrition. It can also help us to figure out exactly how your nutrition is affecting your moods and energy levels.

How this can help achieve your goals

Your body image, body fat % and weight are all common goals that we see. Unfortunately, we can’t all out run a bad diet. A combination and balance between exercise and nutrition can’t be ignored!

Gaining weight or losing weight requires us to either be in a calorie surplus or calorie deficit. These can both be difficult without a diary to achieve unless you know how many calories you require, and how many you need to succeed.

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