We have a fantastic team at Fast Track fitness and we wanted to give you a little more information and background of our small group of trainers. We’ve compiled a few questions for our team to answer over the next couple of weeks. Will be talking to all the team including Rachel, but

First off, we interviewed:

George Austin

Meet the trainers – GeorgeHow did you get into personal training?

I have a huge passion for sports and fitness and have worked at Fast Track since 2018. Through training as an EMS instructor and completing a sports massage qualification I was ready to get into personal training where I could further help people through their fitness journey.

What are your qualifications?

  • Ems instructor
  • Sports massage L3
  • Fitness instructor L2
  • Personal trainer L3

What’s your training style?

With all clients, I focus my training and education around building muscle and increasing strength. This is so important for all ages and can bring great focus to your training as well as improving overall fitness. I listen to clients and try to design a program around what will best suit their goals.

How do you work to achieve clients’ goals?

  • Ask for a specific goal
  • Make sure it’s achievable
  • Implement a plan on how to achieve that goal
  • Set a realistic time frame for completion
  • Ask for commitment and build sessions around the goal

How do you keep clients accountable?

Accountability is key for my clients and it’s something we all need to stay on track with, whether it’s fitness or lifestyle-related. I have regular communication with all clients throughout the week and make sure to spend 5 minutes during the session to ask for feedback and any updates on progress or challenges.

What’s your most recent success story?

So, Emily has been committed to training for almost a year now and when we first started, she found running a real challenge. We used a 2-minute jog around the park as a starting point. Emily recently completed a 10k run which is a huge achievement and is now enjoying running twice a week. On top of that, she has lost 5kg and never felt stronger!


If you are interested in personal training with George Austin please call us on 07740 193 332.

Fast Track Fitness, 1 The Cresent, Twyford, Winchester SO21 1NL